Art Therapy in Bozeman, Montana

Art Therapy is a growing modality and movement among therapists across the world and here in Bozeman, Montana.

If you’re thinking art therapy sounds like it’s just for children or for those who find verbal communication difficult, think again!  Art therapy is for all people, all ages, regardless of any previous interest or propensity for art.

What using art as a therapy provides is a means of allowing people opportunities for self-expression in ways that go beyond what traditional counseling can do.  It’s proven to be very effective in increasing self-awareness and understanding as well as promoting healing through empowering people to visualize and attain their goals.  These additions make just one compelling reason to explore what creative therapies can do to help those dealing with traumas and hurts.

Because the brain’s emotional and creative centers are both ‘Right Brain’ functions, while verbal and analytical skills are essentially ‘Left Brain’ functions, research shows that a combination of the use of creativity with talking is far more impactful as a means of healing emotional-based problems than is talking or traditional counseling alone.

Art Therapy includes visual arts, musical arts, dramatic arts and play as a means of self-expression.  It is through truly freeing ourselves to creatively express what we’re feeling, that we can gain deeper insight into just what is going on under the surface and causing our behaviors.  Emotions are such a powerful part of human expression and one that we are becoming more and more aware of as we continue to see the therapeutic benefits these approaches have play out in the lives of those using them.

At The Heart and Hand Center, (located at the Emerson Cultural Center in downtown Bozeman) we use the therapy of art extensively and believe strongly in its healing ability.

Art Therapy is just one of the modalities we offer along with our counseling services.  If you would like to get in touch with us, please contact us.